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Tender Foot Self help School was founded in 1996 by Esther Wamai, a former teacher at Mama Ngina Children's Home. On moving to Kangemi on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya, she was distressed to see children as young as three years old roaming the streets unsupervised. With groups of local women, she formed a self help group, organisation and registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services
The Tenderfoot self help school began with 8 street children being fed, clothed and taught in a corrugated iron shack.
Through the sheer hard work and determination of Esther, now the school's head teacher, Tenderfoot gradually grew into a functioning primary school for the Kangemi slum children.
The school aims to provide basic nursery and primary education to the eighth grade, homely skills, personal hygiene, food, clothes and love to the children living in especially difficult circumstances. The community of Kangemi has been directly affected by HIV/AIDS and as a consequence many children are homeless, orphaned or have only one parent. The school requires help to include the most needy children.
The school relocated to a new building and purchased the adjoining property for future expansion funded by donations from agencies around the world.


We support this school a long way from home. We may never meet the students. But we know we have helped them in some small way.

 Since the humble beginnings to today, the program sponsors over 120 children each year. In 2013 Ray's son Greg took over the role of the Sponsorship Program administrator. The Program is a RAWCS (Rotary Overseas World Community Service) Project.  Number   1 / 2003-04  Donations are tax deductible. You can now register online. 

You can register and pay by Credit Card, Direct Credit or Cheque. Instructions are advised when you register.

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