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The community of Kangemi, Nairobi Kenya has been directly affected by HIV/AIDS and more recently, the COVID 19 pandemic.  As a consequence many children are homeless, orphaned or have only one parent. The school requires financial support to include the most needy children.

In 2002,  Ray Adams OAM, a member of the Rotary Club of Emerald and District began a student sponsorship program.  Since the humble beginnings to today, the program sponsors over 120 children each year.  In 2013 Ray's son Greg took over the role of the Sponsorship Program administrator.

 AUD $295 per student per year enables the school to supply a quality  education from prep to 8th grade, food, uniforms.


The Program is a RAWCS (Rotary Overseas World Community Service) 
Project.  Number   1 / 2003-04  
Donations are tax deductible  $295 per year.

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